Sunday, May 22, 2011

Have been experimenting with Encaustics. Way too much fun! Like any new crafty project I always end up spending too much money in the begining. Gotta buy the griddle and the heat gun. The encaustic paints can be pretty pricey. I have to admit I have been eyeing an encaustic painting iron and that stylus is looking pretty cool too. Yikes! But then someone buys a painting ( Thanks Nat and JP) and phew ... got those earlier expenses covered. Guilt gone...time to look at an iron and stylus.
I am loving the warmer weather and yesterdays sushine was a perfect day for getting outside. I have tried using the encaustics inside with the patio door open and a fan going but it is still pretty smelly. Outside is much better and I don't even really notice the smell.
I have the most beautiful tree in my back yard. I really love it and can spend too much time just drinking coffee and looking at it. Some of the blossoms were falling off so I decided to try using some of them embedded in the encaustic medium.

The blossoms turned from pink to brown (from the heat I guess.) Also used some tiny yellow flowers /buds that are all over the ground in front of my house and pieces of burlap and dried leaves from cattail. I love just picking things up and thinking..."I wonder if I could put this in wax?"

I have been taking a class at the Ottawa School of Art. It has taking me a couple of classes to start enjoying it. I haven't taken an art class before so it was a bit overwhelming at first...but then I remembered that I was there to have fun and now am enjoying it and looking forward to next Tuesday. We will be doing image transfers into the encaustics so I am browsing through my photos looking for something interesting.
I also love the couple of hours I get to myself in between work and class to wander around in the Byward Market. Last week stopped by the Black Tomato and had the onion ale soup which was delicious. Looking forward to finding someplace to sit and enjoy a bite to eat next time too.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Felt Sushi

Spent yesterday afternoon making felt sushi with the kids and neighbours.
The kids did pretty good and only needed a bit of help with the rolling.
Picked up some memory wire last night to make bracelets and necklaces for the kids. It was a colourful day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Had an hour or two to fill before a felt jewellery making workshop at Wabi Sabi on Thursday so headed down to the Orange Gallery. The first Thursday of every month is Art Walk in the Wellington West area (which I didn't know but will be sure to remember from now on). My wanderings were a bit early and the timing of my felting workshop didn't allow me to take advantage of the whole evening but I did get to spend a bit of time at Orange where Jim gave me a wonderful guided tour of the work of Julie Berthelot which I absolutely loved!
Popped in to Thyme and Again for a yummy salad and nanaimo bar where I also had a quick look at the photography exhibit upstairs by Karen Flanagan McCarthy
Had a great time at Wabi Sabi. I would highly recommend the workshops. Wabi Sabi is one of my favorite places to be in Ottawa!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Work in progress

A great workshop at Wabi Sabi over 2 evenings.  This is a work in progress with still a solid couple of hours of felting left to do.  My back is sore just thinking about it.
Learned lots of great new techniques. Can't wait to finish this project and start another.